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When I DieWhy aren’t we designing our own good-byes? We celebrate life and all it’s milestones, from a baby’s birth, its first steps, first day of school, graduation, marriage, to the birth of a child again, yet we shy away from life’s most inevitable cycle, death.

Understandably, no one wants to face their mortality, but if we can accept that inevitability, perhaps we can leave a greater legacy and gift to those we leave behind.

Most are left guessing over crucial decisions immediately following a loved one’s death. Usually starting with who needs to be notified, where the final resting place will be, and how personal belongings will be handled, there are so many details in between. We hear to often how a loved one’s death ignited friction, fighting and sometimes the demise of a family as members have different beliefs over how to remember and honor their departed.

Let’s offer a different scenario. Let’s take a look at one of our greats, Muhammad Ali. He designed his good-byes in a document called, “The Book,” a plan, detailing the events and how they were to unfold following his death. By designing his own good-byes, he ensured he’d be honored and remembered as he wanted. In doing so, he left an even greater gift behind, he removed the guess work, leaving family and friends the opportunity to celebrate his life and legacy as they begin their journey with grief and move towards a healthy grief recovery.

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