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Trooper Harper

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Trooper Harper

Place of birth: Toronto

Religious affiliation: Catholic

Trooper in a nutshell

In a nutshell, Trooper filled my life with many happy and exciting memories. He was a happy dog who loved sitting beside me peacefully for long periods.
I was very lucky to spend endless moments of serenity sitting with Trooper in one of our favourite places in the world: the gardens of The University of Toronto – just the two of us sitting on a bench, two in body but one in soul.
During such times it was easy to think of the garden’s beauty, with the gently flowing waterfall, as we watched birds fluttering by, or happily chirping while perched on branches overhead.
Sometimes we were there until twilight; together we watched the sun go down, while the stars came out, and the moon rose far up above us. Trooper and I were oblivious to everything happening around us; we were one in these timeless moments.
Now my beloved Trooper has gone on ahead and my life will be forever changed. I cherish the wonderful moments I spent with ‘The Troops’ and I shall miss him dearly.

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