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Tiffany Diane Pistone-Bellerive

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Tiffany Diane Pistone-Bellerive

Place of birth: Kansas City, Missouri

Tiffany Diane Pistone-Bellerive, 46, born in Kansas City, Missouri, passed away Tuesday May 30th at her home in Olathe, Kansas. Tiffany is survived by her loving husband, Brian Bellerive; daughter Sophia Pistone; sons Jacob Bellerive and Joshua Bellerive; grandson Aiden Williams; parents Charles and Marcia Hedrick; sister and brother-in-law Brookie and Larry Loyd, niece Jessica; and Father-in-Law Richard Bellerive. Tiffany was preceded in death by her Mother-in-Law, Susan Bellerive. Tiffany worked for RD Mann for over 20 years as well as operating her company, Bellman Flooring.

She wore her feelings on her sleeve and always had something to say – telling the truth even if it wasn’t what you wanted to hear. Everyone always knew where they stood with her and all who loved her will never forget her laughter, free spirit, dedication and stunning beauty. Fiercely independent, Tiffany lived life ferociously with a passion many couldn’t understand. Living life to the fullest, Tiffany loved to travel, had a deep connection to music and wanted every guest to feel at peace in her Jamaican get away just outside her back door. With an artist’s heart, she enjoyed spending time being creative and finding the beauty in things.

Tiffany’s real and abiding passion was her family and friends. Tiffany’s family knew her to be relentlessly protective, loving, kind and devoted. She was dedicated to being a loving daughter, mother and grandmother, seeking to infuse a zest for life into her family and was the glue that held everyone together.  

Funeral Notice Detail

Services will be held at Olathe Christian Church on June 10th, 2017 at 5:00 pm. Visitation beginning at 4:00. Friends and family are welcome to gather at the Bellerive home following services.

A Memorial Service will be held at

Olathe Christian Church

1115 S. Ridgeview Road

Olathe , KS 66062

On: Jun 10, 2017 — At: 5:00 PM

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  • Denise Rice On

    Ok Tiff, so, I have struggled for the past few days and can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that you are no longer physically here, yet spiritually never gone. I am saddened. I look at this photo and its so fitting for my memories of you. Though I am taken back and in a state of disbelief, I am also taken back to the song in your voice. There's no sugar coating the fact that you would say what you felt; take it or leave it, thats a fact, no doubt! There's no hesitation when you set your mind to get it done, it got done! But the other side of your passion came out in song. I had the pleasure of hearing you sing, what an astonishing voice you had, yet never once to gloat. At some point you have to say good bye, but never do you ever have to stop singing. Rest peacefully my dear friend Tiffany, and don't you ever stop singing your song.


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