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Sasha Betts

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Sasha Betts

Place of birth: None

My soul sister:I love and miss you terribly.  Life is not the same without you in it. Your smile and presence would light up anyone’s heart that you came in contact with. You were truly an angel sent from heaven.  I miss your hugs and our long talks. You taught me so much. You showed me how to believe in myself. You showed me how to Express my feelings in a kind an gentle way. My heart aches. The hole I feel inside my chest is unbearable.  Now I must learn to live my life without you. I know it will be hard and I also know that if you were with me you would be telling me it’s ok and that I could do it. So I listen to your words in my heart and head and i do my best.  I truly believe you were my angel in life and now you are my angel in death.  I love you my dear friend.

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