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Sara Braunsberger

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Sara Braunsberger

Place of birth: Podova Slovenia

We remember you as a sweet loving young woman.
You went away from us to soon.

Friends are there when you’re feeling blue
And you’re feeling down
Their there to make you smile
And to turn your frown around

They’ll be there for your first date
And they’ll be there for you to tell
And when that boy breaks your heart
She’ll tell you its just as well

She’s there for you
Throughout the years
To share the laughs
And to share the tears

She fights with you sometimes
But you always make it through
You can’t stay mad at her
She means too much to you

So when you have a good friend
Remember to keep her nearby
Because the best thing you can have
Is a good friend by your side

RIP Sara

7 Responses

  • On

    Peace at last

    Sara, we talked online quite a bit. I know you fought many demons and your world often was very grey. Now you're at peace. You will be missed.

  • On

    My Special Friend Sara

    you have been such a special friend since 2011. We have talked many long hours, and I will so very much miss you. May you be in happiness now. God Bless you my friend

  • Maria Fernanda Valverde Mora On

    Rest In Peace, dear friend.

    It saddens me to know that you died , you were an exceptional person and a great friend , the little time I met you, let me saw how good you were, I do not know the reasons why you died , but really saddens me that you left us. Now you 're an angel in the sky (though you always were one) , rest in peace , my friend.

  • On

    rest in peace sweet Sara

  • Flit Askin On


    My eyes weep for the loss of such a kind and compassionate friend. You will never be truly gone from those that love you. You will be the sunshine each day, a child's laughter and smile... you will not be forgotten sweet Sara.


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