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Russell Burr 3/31/2012

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Russell Burr 3/31/2012

Place of birth: Chicago

Russ, or RB as I like to call him, will always be my guy, my sweet man, my husband, my dearest love.   We were in it for the long haul, we were lifers.  Through good times and bad, happy and sad, we remained "us".  Life was full of blessings and happy times, as well as periods of pain and sadness.  As it has a way of doing over time, life wore us down.  The important thing is, we survived. God's grace and our true love for one another got us through many of life's trials.  We were  for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, and in health, quite literally.  

Here are some of my best memories of my guy, Russ.  ( I love you forever, honey.)

 Russ loved to read.  He liked Travis McGee  novels (author John MacDonald).   Besides being a good read, Russ liked where the stories took place: Florida. He was crazy about Florida; he went there a lot. Mostly the Keys.    His best friend Peter and he were tired of winter one year and they steamed up the townhouse they were living in in order to create "Florida Keys" on Wakeby Lane in Schaumburg.  

Russ was fascinated with history.  He loved learning.  One aspect of our US history that Russ really got into was the assassination of President John F Kennedy.  He devoured book after book on the subject, and wrote about it, too.  He even went to Dallas to travel the route the motorcade took on the day JFK was shot.  While in Dallas, he managed to find  Lee Oswald's wife Marina and attempted to talk with her!  Russ was a regular contributor on Dr John McAdams' JFK assassination newsgroup on the web.  

Russ was a runner in high school and college.  He held many records and was very proud of this.  He always told me that when he ran, he felt so free.  I wonder if he's running up in heaven, with his new, able body and perfect health.  

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    Dangerous? Yes. In a

    Dangerous? Yes. In a way it's a sign of the times though uatnrfuontely. Hell, as a man in my mid-thirties, I know women and some men alike who still seek validation from others. To some extent, I feel it's natural but obviously it can go to far.Another issue that goes along with this is that we live in a mean time. It's almost cool to be mean. Some of my favorite bloggers have accumulated their megabytes of fame by saying very clever, yet mean things about celebrities or people in pop culture. YouTube comments are full of hate. I'm all for expression even if one's opinion isn't flattering or favorable, but I feel many have no idea how to be constructive with their criticism and is honestly trying to hurt feelings. *smh*

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    My Dearest Love, my husband, my RB, my Russ, my sweet man.

    On the other side, do you ever see me cry Do you know how much I miss you, wish I could have said good-bye Just one more I love you, oh am I really getting through on the other side? Those are lyrics from a country song that say exactly what I want to say to you, honey. My everlasting love, your wife, your Carrie, your CB, your Peaches.


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