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Rose Marie Lazzara

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Rose Marie Lazzara

Place of birth: Tampa, Florida

To my precious aunt, Rose Marie Lazzara, 

You left us so suddenly last year, and there was much more to be said; like how much I appreciated your all encompassing presence in my life from the day I was born.

You never missed a milestone; while friends and boyfriends came and went, you were always there, no matter what. 

You were at every dance recital to watch, congratulate me, and give me flowers. 

It meant so much how you used to take me to the green stamp store to redeem my stamps for something special, after all the months I had spent saving; 

I would dream about what I would purchase with them to help me learn, or improve our household; you taught me how to dream. 

I also cherish memories of the art shows you used to take me to in Ybor City; you taught me to be creative. 

You had the most beautiful cursive writing I had ever seen; you taught me how to write. 

I just had the very first birthday in my life that you weren’t present for; you taught me loyalty and commitment. 

After My Son, Wesley Alan, came into the world, you did the same for him, and so much more! 

In my heart, on this one-year anniversary of losing you, there is still an empty space; 

It’s reserved for you, and I’m holding it securely, until we meet again.  

Love your Namesake, Niece, and God-Daughter, Catherine Rose

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