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Robin Williams

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Robin Williams

Place of birth: Chicago, IL

A beloved artist and a beautiful and genuine human being, the world mourns the death of Robin, 63 years old.

He made the world laugh but deep inside he struggled with drugs and severe depression.

He leaves behind his wife, Susan and three children, Zelda, Cody and Zachary.

His wife said in a statement, “As he is remembered, it is our hope the focus will not be on Robin’s death, but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions.”

Share with us as we celebrate his life.

131 Responses

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    Thank you for your generosity, Robin Williams

    Thank you for giving all of you... to all of us. I always got excited when I heard you were in a movie or going to be on TV for me to watch. You had a positive impact on me... you made me laugh until I felt nothing but peace. I slept like a baby after watching you give it all you had to make us all laugh. Thank you for giving me those moments. Thank your family for sharing you with us. :)

  • Jessica Martin On

    Robin Williams

    I totally love Robin and I am so sad that it was so bad but, I am grateful to cherish the GOOD memories.. Rest In Peace!!

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    robin williams

    he was a good man that changed everyone with his movies and stand ups.

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    i love you robin williams

    robin wiliams macke me happy macke good movies goo bff

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    Yo, my man, Saying the first thing that comes into your mind and knitting an afghan of loose associations complete with accents and fluid body movements, keeping it up for an hour or two and leaving them panting for more, amazes some, bores others, and leaves the sophisticated yearning for pithy puns. PRAISE JEESUS MORE ARE AMAZED THAN BORED OR YEARNING, the world is a better place.


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