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Robert Castillo

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Robert Castillo

Place of birth: Los Angeles,Ca

Religious affiliation: Christian

Married for 41 one years to his high school sweet heart Robert “shorty” Castillo leaves behind his wife Sheila Castillo, 5 Grandchildren Nicole, Holly, Joshua Christian and Joanna from oldest of 19 to youngest of 2 years old. Along with his 3 children and daughter and son in law Joline and mark Solomon. Bobby and wendy Castillo, and Marylou Castillo. Wonderful man with a generous heart and great spirit who loved the lord and appreciated food fellowship and hard work. Robert was a strong man who although in a wheelchair continued to be an excellent provider and did quiet well for his family , he loved children and made an impact of reaching out to others in his community with his caring heart always there to help lend a helping hand and literally bent over backwards for some in spite of his health condition ( even well in a wheelchair he simply found a way to make it happen ) that is just how he was! weather it was assisting with car maintenance, plumbing or just being there for a random hand in need he was there for others and will be missed in his community, church, workplace, and   the many he was able to make an impact on their lives by  his kind and genuine gestures of giving and caring his crazy off the wall sense of humor that could bring a smile to anyone’s face  and left many with memories to smile about even after his passing he still continues to bring joy through  the memories of  his  and off the wall sense of humor and positive disposition  regardless of many  of life’s trial and tribulations he continued to make a positive impact. 

Funeral Notice Detail

Passed away on the morning of March 12, 2018 at approximately 9:30 am well getting ready for work and preparing his breakfast, complaining of some shoulder pain that morning he insisted on going to work, then well he was preparing his oatmeal his wife heard a large thump he was found face down with injury to his face and head and unresponsive, Paramedics were called and all efforts to resuscitate were unsuccessful.

A Memorial Service will be held at

rose hills< go through gate 1

3888 workman mill road

whittier , CA 92084

On: Mar 23, 2018

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