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Robert (Bobby) Brechler

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Robert (Bobby) Brechler

Place of birth: flordia

bobby was a great man who died to young. he had a rough life for the most part but never once did i hear him complain. he hid his emotions well. he was only 26 years old when he passed away from an overdose on fentanol. before he passed away on October 22 he remained clean from heroin for 3 years. he helped multiple people with random things as acts of pure kindness from his beautiful soul. he was a feisty red head with green eyes and freckles. he loved to drink and have a good time with the people he loved. he loved to get new ink and had alot of tattoos on different parts of his body. he was an amazing best friend and listener. trust worthy above the rest. he was funny and sweet and had an heart of gold. he loved taking selfies and loved his fur baby mocha. he impacted so many people, he also had a way with words. He left multiple friends behind tragically, we all miss him dearly. i remember one night when i was extremely low i called bobby and he talked me out of suicide. he was my best friend for the past 3 years. when my ex stood me up for prom bobby promised to go to prom with me, he was going to drive all the way from Florida to Arkansas and he was going to wear a purple tux. in the amount of room i have been aloud to type there is no way i could explain just how great of a person bobby (a.k.a french fry) really was. he saved my life, he is my guardian angel.  he is now with his momma, Stephanie and Elisabeth. it is still so hard to believe that he is really gone. Rest in love bobby brechler, Fly high with those beautiful wings of yours.

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