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Raj Jamadagni

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Raj Jamadagni

Place of birth: None

In loving memory of our dearest colleague and friend Raj. 

We stand motionless, consumed in grief. 
Sorrow has arrived, with smiles thief.
We’re gathered here, to mourn and cry. 
Our questions pointing, at the clear blue sky.
Why did you go, why did you leave, 
Life without you, is so hard to conceive.
Our hearts are damaged, and scarred severely. 
We shall miss you, much more than dearly.
For having you in our lives, we’ve all been blessed. 
But now the time has arrived, for you to rest.
We promise to cherish, our memories of you. 
You shall live in our minds, and all that we do. 

– Friends at ICE

10 Responses

  • Rex Sheridan On

    Raj, I was sad to hear you had left us. I remember great conversations with you. You were so smart and could always make me laugh. I also noticed how devoted you were to your family, always mentioning things about your daughters and wife. I remember you shared with me things your wife cooked. The world is missing a great man, who contributed much to those he interacted with. Thanks for being in my life. Much love, brother.

  • Marie Gravesande On

    My condolence to the family and friends of Raj Jamadagni. Yet, as the God of Abraham promises there is a resurrection. At Psalm 37:11,29 it states that there will be an 'inheritance' on earth. I pray knowing this is a comfort within your grieving and recovery.

  • vance bloomfield On

    Im trying to figure out what to say here. Speechless and stunned is all that comes to mind. Quite briefly I'll just ask why does it always have to be the good ones that leave us far to soon? Always helpful. Always Kind. Always with a joke. You will be missed (already missed). May strength engulf your family at this time as they start on their road forward without you in this realm. May whatever is out there keep you, bless you and hold you dear eternally. Goodbye my friend.

  • Justin Mitchell On

    Raj, even now it seems it's not true. And then it does... It breaks my heart to think of what we've lost in a colleague, but even more in a friend... And then even moreso in knowing what your family has lost. I'll miss our sessions and talks, our comparisons of systems, the sharing of your thoughts (even the complaints), as well as the way you listened to my own, and the way you could bring laughter and wit to a situation... Your insight, compassion, and humor is what I'll remember you by. Farewell my friend, and Godspeed...

  • Supriya Saha On

    Raj, Never thought I have to write about you this way, we quickly became friends when you moved to Atlanta and joined ICE. You are one of the people, I really cherish my friendship with. Now that you are gone, Ashish R out of the country, I am feeling little lonely. The way you can comfort someone when needed, provide support and give good advice, very few people can really do it. I still refuse to use past tense for you, you are here with us in spirit, does not matter if we can see you or not. I know you are in a better place and you will keep watching us. I don't know how to comfort your family. There is no word I can say that will fill the hole, you have created in their hearts. Look after them and give them the strength to move on and bless your kids so that they get all of your good qualities, protect them. Our prayers are with your family and will do whatever possible to help your family get past this difficult time. You will be missed as a great colleague, friend, brother, son, a loving dad and husband.... Rest in peace my friend........


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