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The stories below may sound crazy and not authentic, but they are, in fact, genuine and well-researched.

In 2010, Melberta See experienced the death loss of her mother due to a massive stroke. For years, Melberta’s mother said she would leave dimes for Melberta to find as a sign of communication. Melberta has found a dime nearly once a week ever since her mother’s stroke, always in the strangest of places.

“At age 14, I suffered the death loss of my grandfather,” says Keith Mauler. “Before we even knew he had moved on, he knocked on all of the doors of our house. My family and I all stared at each other in disbelief. Since then, he comes back to knock on almost every death anniversary.”

“My brother always hated my Darth Vader helmet and would often hide it,” explains Mike Lopez. “After he collapsed due to a massive heart attack, we didn’t receive communication from him. Then, in 2017, I found my Darth Vader helmet and left it on a shelf. On his birthday, the helmet seemed to jump off the shelf and has moved by itself every birthday since.”

After 2020, researchers discovered a pattern that is historical in nature. Whenever there is a massive tragedy such as a pandemic, a war, or a natural disaster, we see a corresponding surge in reports of people seeing the dead or trying to contact them. 

The 1918 influenza epidemic sparked a period of mass spiritualism during which Americans held seances and took to Ouija boards to contact departed loved ones. 

After 9/11, droves of people publicly reported seeing and conversing with those who had been in their lives one day and gone the next. 

When a tsunami struck Japan in 2011, killing at least 20,000 people, so many inhabitants of Ishinomaki reported seeing their loved one that a book and documentary were made about what they called this city of wandering ghosts.

James Cavanaugh and his sister, Jo, loved the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. television show. However, when he experienced the death loss of his sister, he felt no connection to his sister until he received her silverware set. Whenever F.R.I.E.N.D.S. happens to come on, his silverware starts to rattle, letting him know she still watches over him. 

“Before the death loss of my sister, she always told me that she had the power to switch off street lights,” says Kathy Moore. “I actually saw her do it many times while alive. After her body succumbed to pancreatic cancer, the street lights go off almost every time I think about her while driving around.”

“I have been communicating with my husband ever since he left this world in 1998,” says Eva Lindholm. “He still helps me with important life decisions. For example, whenever I find myself dealing with a stressful situation and cannot sleep, I ask him a question. Sometimes he will knock once for ‘yes’ and twice for ‘no,’ but he only answers late at night.”

Have you ever wondered if your person is connecting with you from outside their body? 

These experiences can be subtle:

  • A dream or daydream hallucination.

  • A sudden scent that triggers a memory.

  • Unusual behavior by animals.

Other encounters are more dramatic:

  • Feeling a touch on your shoulder at night.

  • Hearing a whisper or your person’s voice.

  • Even seeing the complete- or partial-bodied form of a recently departed relative appears at the foot of your bed.

These experiences are so common in the psychological field that there is a name for them: ADCs, or “after death communications.” Research suggests that at least 60 million Americans have these experiences, and they occur across cultures, religious beliefs, ethnicities, and income levels. Many of these encounters happen in the twilight state between sleeping and waking, but completely alert people have reported similar encounters too.

Are you wondering how to connect with your person?  

If you find yourself wanting to connect with your person, several techniques might be helpful as you try to communicate with them. Some of the things you can do to spark up a conversation with the other side include:

  • Wearing your person’s clothing: Many people recall receiving a sign from their person after putting on their hat, scarf, jacket, etc.

  • Celebrate your person’s death anniversary: The connection with your person remains especially strong on death anniversaries.

  • Talk about your person: One of the most common ways to establish a connection with your person involves talking about them with someone else. 

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