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Patricia Allington

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Patricia Allington

Place of birth: Macomb, Michigan

Religious affiliation: Christian

Patricia Allington was born on June 20, 1952 in Macomb, Michigan. As a child, she was an active and brilliant student in school and adamantly played volleyball throughout her entire high school career. She graduated from Southington High School on June 2nd, 1971. She went on to take university courses while raising three children, Steven, Timothy and Cheri Allington. She took great passion in her career and children. Patricia met her late husband in 1968, Richard Allington passed in 2006, while attending his high school football game that was her schools rival. Their love grew and they married in 1969 at a local church in Fraser, Michigan. During their thirty-seven years of marriage, Richard and Patricia were always seen as the perfect couple and commonly referred to as “two peas in a pod” due to the inseparable nature of their relationship.   Patricia Allington died in her sleep at her Sterling Heights home on November, 20th, 2016 of natural causes. Her request of no funeral and cremation is being honored and a wake in her honor is planned for November 24th to the 25th of 2016 from noon to five at her home in Sterling Heights. She was a proud woman and we all hope to see you during our time of bereavement.

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