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For many, the new year can feel like a hopeful renewal. However, if you’re grieving a death loss, it can seem like time runs together from one year to the next. A broken heart knows no time nor space. The birth of a new year can bring unexpected, complicated emotions.

Here are a few ways in which grief after a death loss may feel more potent during the new year, and what we can do about it:

Degree of Separation

A new year and – a new calendar – Some of our members have shared they feel further separated from their person. As time goes by, it may feel like your person is growing farther away.

January 1st marks the profound passage of time. For example, if someone died in 2020, now it’s “last year” versus recently, even if it feels like it was yesterday.

The turn of a new year and time can also bring a little more societal pressure to get “over it.” However, those of us who have experienced a death loss know there is no such thing as “getting over it.” After a significant person in our life dies, we are forever changed.

A new year doesn’t mean that our feeling goes away too. It is merely a momentary blip when we gain perspective on how we might want to change how we process our grief and actively move forward. 

Going Inward for Self-Reflection

Whether it’s months or years that go by, the new year offers a period of reflection and introspection. Many tell us they take time to journal, make art, or be in nature to help them reflect upon their emotional wellbeing and remember their person in clarity. 

Others have used the new year to write letters to their person. Many say it’s helpful and allows space to reflect and write thoughts and feelings about their person. 

Making New Resolutions

Traditional new year’s resolutions may hold less meaning for us after experiencing a death loss. Eating better or focusing on paying off a credit card may not be on top of the to-do list this year.

One thing many of our members focus on is building resolve to their grief and despair. While grieving a death loss, we can feel isolated and in slow motion. Whether it’s from a professional therapist or friend, it is often helpful to verbalize feelings and determine your needs.

Many say, simply, connecting with others who “get it” creates movement towards a better tomorrow.

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