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Napoleon Bonaparte

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Napoleon Bonaparte

Place of birth: Corsica, Mediterranean Sea

Religious affiliation: Catholic

In Loving Memory…

– Napoleon was given the name of commander of the French Army, once he was named he conquered Northern Italy for the French. Once he won the battles in Italy h decided to attack Egypt and take that country from the British, but they gave him his first military major defeat.
– While in Egypt Napoleon did lose his battle, nut they also discovered one of the most famous pieces, The Rosetta Stone. When Napoleon returned with his discovery he was celebrated and greeted very cheerful by his people.
– Napoleon was very smart, he realized the when he got back from his defeat that the 5 Man Directory was not working, so he took over via a coup d’état on November 9th, 1799.
-Napoleon brought 1. Equality of law 2. Basic liberties 3. Limits on women’s rights 4. Limits on political rights and freedom of speech and press 5. Restored slavery. These things improved us greatly and brought the Napoleonic Code to our country.

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Funeral Date; September 21, 1821
Funeral Time: 4:00- Reception 4:45- Start

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Cardinal Raymond Burke

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On: Jan 08, 2012 — At: 10:00 AM

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