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Mr. Katzers Fish

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Mr. Katzers Fish

Place of birth: Pet Store

Religious affiliation: Other

The fish lived many years and months in Mr Katzers science room #262 it has dealt with being overfed and dirty tanks. The fish did not have a girlfriend and had received a masters degree in fish teaching. The fish had many friends that were Mr. Katzers science students.

Funeral Notice Detail

The fish died on Monday November 24, 2014 in his fish tank in Mr. Katzers room. The cause of death is unknown. An autopsy is scheduled for November 25, 2014. The results for the autopsy are confidential and will only be shared to Mr. Katzer

A Memorial Service will be held at

Mr. Katzers Science Room

Goshen Middle School

Room 262 , IN Upstairs Hallway

On: Nov 25, 2014 — At: 9:35 AM

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