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Michael Moran

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Michael Moran

Place of birth: Long Beach, California

Religious affiliation: Christian

Michael was raised in California. He joined the military , Army, in 1967 where he became a helicopter pilot and was assigned to both Vietnam and Germany. Upon leaving the military he became involved in the commercial world of helicopters and flew for Bristow Helicopters, a British company,  for 25 years. He developed a great love of flying and became a highly respected and proficient pilot. Michael traveled around the world, living and working in many countries including Scotland, England, Iran, Dubai, China, Indonesia, Singapore,  Papua New Guinea and Nigeria. Michael’s first marriage gave him two wonderful children, Sean (now living in Hong Kong with his family) and Erin ( living in California with her family). Michael married Daphne in Singapore in 1986 and they adopted a beautiful baby girl, Susannah, in Bangkok, Thailand in 1987.  Following the diagnosis of early onset Parkinson’s Disease (PD) in 1998, Michael had to relinquish his pilot’s license. The family then moved from Nigeria to Florida where Michael was employed by Flight Safety International in West Palm Beach as a flight instructor in their flight simulators. In 2009 the ever-progressing PD forced him into retirement. In 2014 whilst undergoing Deep Brain Stimulation to aid the PD, three brain tumors were discovered. The melanoma he had been treated for in 2003 had metastasized and traveled to his brain and liver. Immunotherapy prolonged his life for over two years but left him with extreme fatigue and debilitating side effects. Throughout these last two years when his quality of life was so poor, he showed such fortitude and never complained.  He always managed to find humor, something which was an infinite part of the Michael Moran everyone loved so dearly. 

Funeral Notice Detail

Michael will be laid to rest at the South Florida National Cemetery, 6501 South State Road 7, Lake Worth on Friday March 10th, 2017, at 11.30 am (Lane 3). In lieu of flowers, should you wish, contributions to the National Parkinson Foundation are preferred and appreciated. All donations can be made in Tribute to Michael Moran. Online : Mail: National Parkinson Foundation, 200 SE 1st Street Suite 800, Miami Fl 33131 Phone: 1 (800) 473-4636 Following this short ceremony there will be a celebration of his life at his home in Palm Beach Gardens (call ( 561) 691-0373 for address) from 2.00-4.00 pm. This will be a time we can remember the many good times we have all had with Michael. We would love for people to share their own remembrances of him and in doing so there will be inevitable warmth, comfort and humor; he always brought joy and laughter. This should not be a sad time; Michael would want us to remember him with a smile on our faces. Being the colorful person he always was do not be afraid to dress accordingly; he would not have wanted a "black" day, but one of color and levity. He was an incredibly unique, affable and wonderful man who touched so many people, old and young and his spirit will surely live on in us all. 

A Memorial Service will be held at

South Florida National Cemetery

6501 South State Road 7

Lake Worth , FL 33449

On: Mar 10, 2017 — At: 11:30 AM

3 Responses

  • sameea husain wilson On

    I took care of Michael's Parkinson's disease for many years and up until his passing. Daphne always accompanied him on his visits. They felt like family. Despite all the medical issues that came his way, he remained positive and upbeat and ALWAYS had a smile on his face. I knew he was suffering from debilitating fatigue from the chemotherapy but you would never know it. He was a strong man. Built tough. It was an absolute joy to take care of him. I looked forward to seeing him and Daphne each and every time they came in. It was an honor to know him. He was the definition of a gentleman. He will be missed very much. Rest in peace my friend. We will never forget you.

  • Marie Gravesande On

    So very sorry for your loss. Mr. Moran appears as he was someone who loved challenges as well as people. The fact that you request a celebration of life shows he probably lived his life as though he knew this life is not all there is. Nevertheless, death represents the loss of future dreams, relationships and experiences that have not yet been enjoyed. In the Bible 1 Corinthians 15:26 tells us death will be abolished and John 5:28,29 tells of a resurrection; ‘A better place.’

  • nash dhorajiwala On

    I first met Mike whilst working in Papua New Guinea in 1987. His easy going nature meant he made friends very quickly and was well thought of. Mike loved his flying which he demonstrated all too well when he took me flying low level over the Sepik River in the Bell 212 one day. We wouldn’t get the chance to do this often so it made it rather special. He loved his chilli with his meals I recall, which used to make me smile as I knew he had put too much on! But he wouldn’t give up and finished his meal. We had some great times on the operation and topped off with a few drinks in the evening. It was always good to have Mike around. It was a difficult work environment but he would put his sense of humour to good use turn a bad situation to a happy one. Mike will be missed by all who knew him. God bless. Nash


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