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Mengistu Hailemariam Araya

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Mengistu Hailemariam Araya

Place of birth: Maichew, Ethiopia

Religious affiliation: Christian

Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam was born in 1932 (Ethiopian Calendar- E.C) from his parents Hailemariam Araya and Gidey Adhana in Maichew.

He completed his elementary school in Maichew and his secondary education at General Wingate comprehensive secondary school in Addis Ababa in 1950 (E.C).

He joined the Harar Military Academy in September 1950 (E.C) and went through the necessary training and education and graduated in 1954 as an officer.

Following his outstanding performance during his stay in the Military, Colonel Mengistu was granted permission by his supervisors to enroll for higher education. As a result, he joined the Law Faculty of the Addis Ababa University in 1959 (E.C) and obtained his LL.B. degree in 1963 E.C.

He has served as the head of the Legal Department of the then Imperial Body Guard.

Colonel Mengistu was appointed and served as a judge in the Special and Supreme Courts of Ethiopia.

Following his retirement, he was working privately as a legal attorney and a consultant where he handled a number of high profile legal cases.

He died on 1 January 2015 after several months of illness. Colonel Mengistu is survived by his wife Mrs. Tsehainesh Zewdu Yimer (both married for 50 years) and his seven children. His father Memiher Hailemariam Araya died a few months after he (the son) Passed away. He was 104 years old!

Colonel Mengistu, you were a man of honor, integrity, love and wisdom. We THANK YOU for all the beautiful moments you gave us all!

8 Responses

  • Fran Solomon On


    Its always a miracle how a little body is capable of holding so much compassion, wisdom, understanding, love , humor, vision and strength. You were like a friend not only a father. You were there in my hours of sadness and happiness what more could I ask! I am truly blessed to have had you as a father. There is so much you have given me that it takes a lifetime to know and use it all.

  • Fran Solomon On

    Short, but memories of a life time!

    Ababa, when I met you first, ready to marry your son, you opened your arms wide to accept me as your new daughter. I thank you very much. During the two and a half years since, you taught me how to be respectful to others. You showed me the value of sharing knowledge with others. You demonstrated to me how family values are the foundation of society. You taught me to be courageous at times of adversity, to love my country, and to always work hard. Even though you are not with us physically, we feel you. You are here with us in spirit, sharing our happiness and sadness. We always hear your unforgettable and wise words in our minds. We also know you are there for us, guiding us with your supportive words, and you have left us your physical half in Emama and we will cherish every moment. You will live in our hearts forever and we will try to follow in your footsteps carrying our lives forward.

  • Fran Solomon On

    The Spirit who Spread the Sunshine! Lt. Col. Mengistu Hailemariam

    Ababa, What an honor to be your daughter! You have been spreading the sunshine for so many! They say ‘the price of greatness is responsibility’. Indeed! What a rock you have been for so many! What an inspiration! For me, your spirit lives on in your new abode. We shall continue to draw comfort and inspiration from your presence. May your spirit continue to shine and inspire! How lucky I have been to have lived with you for so long. Basking in the glory of your greatness and wisdom! You are one of the rare spirits! Thanks be to God for all the opportunities that we have been given! Betty

  • Worku Damena On

    Mengye, your legacy will stay forever

    Mengye, my dearest brother and friend, I am missing you a lot. Several others whom you shared your love and guidance are also missing you. Mengye, the marvelous and highly talented social organizer has left behind several landmarks. The associations and wisdom you left behind and all the contributions you made to society will prevail for ever. Mengye, keeps on shining in this short lived world. Words fail me to express my thoughts about a great person like you, dear friend and brother, Mengye - Mahary and family.

  • On

    My Light

    Ababa, I don't know what kind of words would express who you are. I won't use past tense because to me you are still alive although I can't touch you physically. You always touch my heart that we already share and keep on sharing. I can feel you. When the cold air surround me I feel your presence in a different way but with the same manner like the picture above where we are standing in front of the beautiful mountains that can also feel your greatness. I feel the love, I feel the light that is surrounding you now ensuring your peace. The PEACE that I saw and feel in my dreams a while ago before you left the physical world. Ababa I am extremely blessed to have a loving father like you. The world is blessed too. Your positive energy can move mountains. To me personally, you have more power to spread your pure positive and loving energy now more than the times when you were entangled with the negative energy in the physical world. You are free from pain of any kind, you have paid your dues on earth to earn your place into the peaceful heaven. I wouldn't ask for any thing more in you as a father. And guess what, that goes the same as a human race or as a community member. You are a father to all. You father your friends, you father parents. Most have gotten the privilege of having your sweet advice engrained forever in them. Leave alone the words that come out, your calmness and practicality, your expression alone captivates all of us lucky people. Ababa, I want you to continue spreading your love, generosity, fairness, practicality, self confidence, strength, selflessness, leadership, humbleness. You have shared that not only with your family but with the world. I am so proud of you and love you more. Physically, I am always going to miss you but I also know that your spirit will always be beside me and my family watching us (even though you refused to come to Canada physically now you came from another world). I will talk to you everyday. And thank you for raising us all with sprinkles of your great qualities. Your name lives forever and ever ~ Gelila


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