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Zipper the Rat

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Zipper the Rat

Your Pets Home: Belle Glade, FL

Pet type: Other

Zipper the rat, and her sister Holly, were bred as snake food but a close friend of mine saved them and brought them into my pre-vet program in 6th grade. Zipper was always the class favorite, and I loved her to death, I guess quite literally. The girls came home for that summer.. After long enough,we found that she had hind leg degeneration. The girls came home with me last December, and they’ve been living out a happy retirement since. Her sister’s teeth started rotting about a week ago, and my sister and I ultimately made the decision to put them down. Zipper’s hind leg degeneration is too much for her to bear, and it’s getting painful. I’m not sure what to do without my baby girls. Her sister is being put down as well due to severe malocclusion. Looking for prayers for my baby girls.

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