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Topper Alfie Martin

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Topper Alfie Martin

Your Pets Home: Canada, Alberta, Cochrane

Pet type: Dog

Topper Alfie Martin was brought into our lives when my parents went to pick him up.  I was walking home one day after school when they drove by and pulled over near me, I was obviously confused as I was on my way with a friend to her house but I looked in the backseat to find a small grey dog shaking sat on my brother who was absolutely terrified of dogs at the time. My first thought was that they had hit him and it was an old lady’s dog and we were trying to find his owner. But then, they told me he was ours and his name is Topper. Topper is a unique name, we were in Mablethorpe, England when we were sat in my Nan’s mobile holiday home when a Miniature Schnauzer came into the home, jumped on the sofa and read the newspaper with my dad – we had no clue whose dog this was, but after finding his owner, we got talking and he told us the dogs name was Topper and since then, my parents were discussing getting a dog (a Miniature Schnauzer) and naming them Topper. Topper was so unique, I know everyone says that but he truly was one of a kind – he was a bit bigger for a Miniature Schnauzer and his ears were floppy and his tail was docked. Topper lived for 7 years in England until his family emigrated to Canada in 2013, he was sedated, starved and put on a plane underneath the cargo area (luckily with another dog). The airport staff all said how cute he was and how they’d love to just give him pets and love. After this, he absolutely hated his crate but it was necessary for us to get him a doggy passport in order to have him with us immediately and not have him shipped 6 weeks down the line. Topper loved Canada, he loved the snow and the long walks and meeting all kinds of other doggies. He was friendly with everyone and every dog, he would naturally bark at men as he was nervous but he was so gentle. He would take treats from you so softly, he’d let you dress him up in anything (even a bikini) and I taught him all of his tricks. Since moving to Canada, Topper and I became inseparable, we’d go for 2 hour walks almost everyday, we’d play hide and seek , I’d buy him treats and take him on errands with me (he was my little car buddy) and we’d also hang out together in the basement on the couch watching tv and movies. Topper was always asked if he was a puppy on his walks, he’d have such a jump in his step with his ears flopping and tail wagging, he looked so young with how well he would walk up until 11/12 years old. Not to mention countless times being told how ‘cute’ or ‘handsome’ he was. Topper was diagnosed with kidney disease in May 2020 and after his family put him on special food, medicine and ensured he was careful/being carried around etc… by August 2020, mum knew he was ready to go. Topper was 13 years old, 2 months from his 14th birthday and I had always thought he’d live until the age of 15. I then met my long term boyfriend around the time Topper became sick and I always like to say ‘Topper stuck around long enough until I met someone special who he approved of and then he decided that I didn’t need him anymore, and it was his time to go’ – Topper was put to sleep in his family home in 2020, he went peacefully. He is beyond missed and loved by his family every single day. Their hearts still ache for him. One day, we can all see him again. I love you Topper.

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