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Your Pets Home: Dallas, TX

Pet type: Cat

Tiger I love you so much. Thank you for being in my life for 18 years.  You were with me for every major accomplishment, my good days and bad days.  Honestly, I don’t know how I will be able to get through this. I miss you so much already, I never thought you wouldn’t be here anymore. The silence is so loud without you.  I remember the day I got you, so tiny, just 6 weeks old. You loved to watch running water, to eat noodles and shrimp. You were born with a crooked tail. I loved your tail, you were so handsome and a gentlemen. You were always near me no matter where I was, now you can be with me up above in Heaven  Now you’re no longer in pain, you can be free. I miss you, I keep seeing  you here around the house. I will always keep you in my heart and I’ll never let you go. Until I see you again Tiger on the rainbow bridge. I love you with everything I have! ❤️

3 Responses

  • Melissa Bobo On

    Tiger a.k.a. My real life Garfield. You will truly be missed. You were truly a gift from God for your mother. And she as well as all of us will miss you. As you transition on, you will still be alive and well within our hearts. I asked God to provide you with some noodles and I am certain you will enjoy your new journey in the after life. I will symbolically leave the window open so that you are free to roam. Your mother and sister will be okay. They have you to look over them. Love you and you will truly be missed.

  • Sasha Carter On

    Hey Tiger my boy! My family and I love to refer to you as Garfield because you were do huge, chill, smart and funny! I have never been a fan of animals at all ESPECIALLY cats! You made a believer out of me! I believe it how Chrissy treated you as if you came from her literally and you always smelled not “like a cat” whatever that means! Such a wonderful mammal were you! We are going to miss you big ol’ tail (in my TheRealKerwinClaiborne voice )

  • A’nna Khan On

    I am terrified of cats, but Tiger was the only cat that I would let near me. I knew he liked me years ago when I spent the night at Christina’s after a party and he slept behind me on top of the couch the entire night. Every time I would visit Christina he would just look and come sit next to my feet. My daughter grew to love Tiger as her own. Tiger, you will be missed. You mommy Christina loves you so much and she is happy she had the chance to call you her own. You will no longer be in pain, but will be eating shrimp living your best cat life. ❤️


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