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Your Pets Home: Visalia California

Pet type: Dog

TRIBUTE TO ROPE-DIGGITYI rescued Rope-Diggity from a Kmart parking lot and Rope-Diggity rescued me from a world of Boredom. The ‘R’ in Rope stands for Rambunctious….and that he was! Rope-Diggity showed me how to be happy with the little things in Life…he was always happy when he woke up for another day. I was Never a ‘morning person’ Rope converted me and would not take No for an answer…not an easy task. I was never an ‘exercise person’ Rope changed that too by demanding I take him for a walk and would not give up but stay at it until he wore me down.Rope-Diggity was my buddy, my protector, my confidant, a burglar alarm on four feet. That Coon Hound nose could smell folks a block away and he would announce them before they got to my house. When sirens went by his baying/howling was unique, he turned it into his own Blues song…I loved it!Rope loved riding in the car sniffing all those different worldly odors, to watch him run was poetry in motion as he stretched his body out like a racehorse pretty damn fast too. And he did this thing when he was really Happy that I call ‘the boot scootin’ boogie’ where he ran around really fast and scoots with his haunches.Certain scenes are burnt into my memory; A couple of nights after I rescued him he escaped from my backyard, panicked I walked my street in my pajamas calling out his new name and wondered if he would respond. I walked a couple of blocks then turned around resolved to the fact he was gone. I made it back to my house and called out his name one last time…..heard a rustle and looked around….saw this Rambunctious pup emerge from the blackness ears flapping bounding towards me. I scooped him up and the rest is history.I told Rope-Diggity once he reached The Rainbow Bridge look for old man Tracker [friend’s bloodhound] JoJo his Lady Love [Three Rivers] and his long lost brother Handsome Jack. He’ll be in Good Company.SPECIAL THANKS: Don Yacoubian, Crystal Smith, Kim Brine Ellison, Mustafa Amin Alamin, Jd Stone, Aaron Leone, Sharon Silva, and Rosa Lee BrooksMe and Kylee rollin’ thru the HoodWhen we see three Morons up tp no GoodFlea-Bitten Puppy Dawg down on his LuckFools tryin’ run him over in their Monster Truck[ Rope-Diggity Rap Song ]

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