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Your Pets Home: Pekin IL

Pet type: Cat

Niko was a one -of -a- kind cat with a very unique personality.   She was pretty much a one-person cat; although she grew to love my boyfriend almost as much as she loves me!   She loved being on her cat tree looking out the window, watching squirrels, chipmunks, and birds.   She enjoyed watching videos of animals playing.   She loved playing with her jingle balls batting them up and down the hallway.  She loved getting the occasional treats; especially anything with meat!   Niko loved being by our side right after we worked out and were getting ready to stretch.  There was something about how we smelled right after a work-out that she loved most.  She was Keith’s thunder buddy whenever it was storming.  He would comfort her and she would snuggle with him. Niko, you will forever be in my heart!  Love you!!

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