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Your Pets Home: Round Rock, TX

Pet type: Dog

He was a loved member of the family. He loved to go outside and patrol his backyard. He was playful in his younger years. Even at an old age he would get excited and jump around when he was abut to go outside or when you had food. I still remember the day we got him for the pound, I took one look at him and was instantly drawn to him, and I knew he was the dog for me. In his old age he was kind of a grump, and we started calling him a grumpy old man when he would walk slowly, after we called him that he would speed up every time. He was always there for me when I was sad. I would go lay by him and pet him for comfort. From the first day to the last he was a chicken, whenever something fell or made a loud noise, he would take off running. I can never forget the moment when the vet said that she could no longer hear a heart beat, because that was the moment that I lost my best friend. We loved him and always will and we will never forget him.

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