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Mirage “Merge” April Graham

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Mirage “Merge” April Graham

Your Pets Home: Saskatchewan

Pet type: Dog

Mirage was a very shy, introverted dog. She was always so kind. She never barked, never bit anyone, and was extremely smart. Over the years, her shyness started to fade away, and she became more confident. For some odd reason, she was always scared of drinking water from her bowl. But when she did, it had to be a plastic bowl. I am so grateful she lasted so long, but I wish she could have lasted longer. Until one day, somewhere in June 2017,  her rear end started to hurt. She had a tumor in her anal gland. It didn’t seem to bother her, (because we got her glands cleaned). She was so lively, and loved running around, chasing mice when she could. When the end of Feb 2018, she had trouble pooping, and was quite unmotivated. We had a mobile vet come in on March 1st to give her a check-up. JUST a check-up. I made sure I said my farewells to Mirage, just in case something didn’t go as planned. When I came home from school, her collar was sitting at the top of the stairs. I asked, “Hey mom, wheres Mirage?” And her response, “She’s not here.” It was a very, unfortunate and sudden way to pass on, but we are grateful for Mirage, and how she improved the lives of my whole family. Love you so much, and I will never stop loving ya, ol’ “Moobs”.

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