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Your Pets Home: Woods Cross, Utah

Pet type: Dog

From: Woods Cross, Utah
Birthday is estimated!!!!!!!! she was a stray!
Kiley used to watch tv with us; she loved to cuddle, she was a mommas girl. Her favorite treats were “Beggars.” She was the sweetest dog we’ve ever seen; My sister is disabled, so she did things to Kiley that regular dogs would lose their patience. Like poking eyes, if there was something in them, or pulling tails, or grabbing bones/ treats. She was a stray that her previous owners neglected her, and treated her like garbage. She was kind to everyone (except one of my friends(she used to bark and growl at him,[no physical](we guessed that he looked like her previous owners.)) but besides him, she never barked at anyone). She used to talk back to my mom, saying, “Maaa Maaaawww?!?!” loved car rides! We had her for ten years
She had congenital heart failure for a year, so we had to give her medication to stay alive. She also had the SOFTEST ears.
She couldn’t stand us taking off her collar when we bathed her. (we always thought she’d think we would kick her out, or it was a coping mechanism.)
Mar 14, 2020: she without warning couldn’t use her hind legs at all, she was breathing hard at this point (harder than usual).

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