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Your Pets Home: Flower Mound Texas

Pet type: Dog

Gucci was such a loyal, compassionate, smart, and loving little Angel!    She walked into my life when my husband and I got together in August of 2009.  From that moment, she was my little baby girl who snuggled me and gave me comfort during a very rough time in my life.  She traveled everywhere with us and sat in First Class more than most people. Things I remember most:   She hated thunderstorms…  She could always sense a storm was on it’s way by the look in her eye.  She would often come to work with me and somehow knew when it was 4:00 PM and time to go home.  She was a talker…  Some people never understood her loud barking and weird noises but she was just talking and saying hello with excitement.   She hated squeaky toys..  Anything that squeaked, she would try and kill 🙂   We called her the “Fun Police”, as our other schnauzer loves to play hide and seek with her daddy but Gucci wasn’t having it.  Whenever daddy would come home from work, she would go straight the cookie jar and sit waiting patiently for him to give her treat.  She loved her belly rubbed… She would take her paw and pull your hand over if you stopped. 🙂

I could go on and on but the shock and pain are just to fresh at this time. I pray my sweet husband and I can get through this unbelievably pain in our hearts.


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