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Your Pets Home: British Columbia

Pet type: Dog

My baby Eddy was a black and white shadow; always at your heals, always glued to someone’s lap.
If he felt you hadn’t pet him enough, or thought he deserved to be carried, he let you know about it.
He knew all the tricks but had his own ideas about when he was going to perform them. 
Always up to mischief, he was constantly escaping the yard, or trying to steal whole roast chickens out of grocery bags.
Eddy protected the yard from all the birds, and demanded pets from any person entering the house.
He tolerated, albeit with vocal disapproval,  all the bad singing, all the outfits we dressed him in, and even that time we built a sleigh for him to pull on Christmas.  

We got fifteen and a half years with him, and what I wouldn’t do for just five more minutes. 
I just know he’s giving God a run for his money.

We love you Eddy,
Forever and ever

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