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Dixie GIrl

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Dixie GIrl

Your Pets Home: Minnesota

Pet type: Dog

I have no words to describe how I feel now that you’re not with me, Dixie Girl. You got me through so much you were my rock through the breakup and you have been there when I need help with my Depression. you are my best friend and I feel like I can’t breathe. you helped me just by being in the room knowing you were here meant so much. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to not cry thinking about you. I will miss the walks with you sniffing everything and anything, or your explorative nature at the dog park, I will miss your little dreaming and your bark. Most of all I will miss you laying by me at night kicking me in the head or the ribs and wanting to go out at 3 am. I love you my best friend, My little Girl. You left paw prints and I will cherish every memory I had with you, Thank you and I won’t say the other word Only till I see you again.I love you,  My Little DixieGirl

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  • Alex Kolstad On

    It's been only a day without you. no paws above me on the hardwood, No nose opening the doors to find me, no 3 am wake up call scratching at the door, no snoring, no cute twitches, and in the morning what hurts most is no soft head to pet and soft ears to scratch, and I keep bargaining with God to wake me up and this all be a nightmare. You know I have trouble with people and you were still my friend you know my depression and it weighed on me and you took so of that. you loved me you gave me kisses and aggressive cuddles you trusted me, you were my best friend through all of the muck and people look at me like I am weak because I can't stop crying seeing your empty bed or chair. missing the sounds of you exploring. I hope you met Max and Sam as well as Kelly and maybe other dogs to play with to roam pain-free, please know I love you with all my heart no matter how much it hurts, I miss you just as much you were like my kid, you were my family and having you around saved me and I couldn't save you, forgive me. I love you, I miss you Dixie Girl until I see you again when we will never be separated ever again.


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