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Mary Susannah Robbins

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Mary Susannah Robbins

Place of birth: None

On December 27, Susannah Robbins died in hospice in Cambridge. Susannah was a fine poet, visual artist, and editor of two anthologies, one on the Vietnam War, the other on the Gulf War. Susannah grew up in Manhattan, went to the Putney School, Radcliffe, then Boston College, where she got her PhD in English literature with a thesis on Yeats. She taught briefly at Vassar, then returned to Cambridge, where she lived for the rest of her life, editing for a living.  A memorial for family only will be held in New York in the spring and there may be one in Cambridge for friends, open to all, in the spring. If you wish to attend, please let us know. We can be reached at

4 Responses

  • Marcia Robbins On

    This comment is from Carol Robbins: Susannah's life journey set her apart from the family in many ways. But I believe she did not feel loneliness nor envy. Her lively mind was at home among her companions in Cambridge. During our chats and visits she enjoyed hearing about the family's 'goings-on.' She was in a position to observe our worldly follies. She even wrote about us in a 'tongue-in-cheek' memoir. Her admiration for her sister, Marcia, was constant. As she became more concerned about social ills, she was effective in enlisting others in publishing her works of strong anti-war sentiment. Her mind was quick and versatile; she could just as easily explain a musical fugue or the artist's printmaking process. And she was a wonderful listener.

  • Marcia Robbins On

    As Susannah's sister, I am glad to hear from anyone who has questions or comments. She knew many people in her life and valued the continued connections . I value hearing your memories of her. I am at

  • Michael Ferber On

    I admired Susannah for her commitment to make the world a little better and her loyalty to friends and colleagues. And I am grateful that she looked me up and lassoed me into writing for two of her anthologies. She had a kind of free-lance spirit, unpredictable, interesting, and kind.

  • Janet Collins On

    Susannah was a lovely person as well as an excellent poet, painter, and editor. She was a good friend and mentor to me. Her comments made me a better writer, her encouragement helped to keep me writing, and her passionate political beliefs inspired me without fail. She did not have an easy time of it, yet she was always thoughtful and compassionate and never lost her sense of humor. I'm going to miss her.


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