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Mango Hurt

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Mango Hurt

Place of birth: Houston, TX

Mango is and was the best dog in the entire universe. He was funny, smart, expressive, and happy. He loved his one eyed monster and one legged ducky toys the most. He adored walks, his sister Callie, and chasing those pesky squirrels in the yard. He died suddenly and tragically on December 16,2020 after suffering a massive seizure. He is loved and survived by his loving mother, Kayla Hurt, and all who knew and loved him.

2 Responses

  • Kimberly Catino On

    I remember when Kayla brought you home sweet boy. You came bouncing into her life right when she needed you most. You have watched over her and cuddled her for years always happy by her side. Most definitely the best to cuddle up with when sad or frustrated because you always made it better. Best good boy ever. I will miss you so much buddy

  • Christian Davis On

    I didn't have the opportunity to know you very long, but you were the best friend to your mom during some of the most trying times in her life. I knew you as a kind, gentle soul, and I know you will continue to watch over your loved ones. Thank you, Mango.


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