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Lydia – Ramirez Gimenez

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Lydia – Ramirez Gimenez

Place of birth: Nicaragua

Religious affiliation: Catholic

My beloved aunt was born in Central America, Nicaragua. She came to the US in the late 1940’s and lived with my parents for a while. She helped take care of me while I was growing up and was a great source of consolation to me when my beloved Mother died. She was my rock of Gibraltar. Her positive attitude was an enormous influence in my life and it helped me later while I was grieving both of my parents.

“…Auntie, I miss you sorely and I can’t believe that you are gone. You were the last connection to my parents. I still hear your voice and it seems like only yesterday when we’d talk on the phone and when we both recalled memories of the past and the joy those memories brought us both. I hope my Mom and Dad and all your family were there to meet you when you crossed over to the other side.  I’m sorry you suffered in that convalescent home towards the end.  I MISS you and LOVE you ever SO much. I will NEVER forget you.” -Ella

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