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Leora Maxine Watts

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Leora Maxine Watts

Place of birth: Rockwell City, Iowa

Religious affiliation: Protestant

Leora was born and raised in Rockwell City, Iowa, and moved with her family to Waldron, Arkansas when she was a teenager. She met her future Husband, Ralph Edmond Watts, Sr., and was married in Waldron. She was a wonderful mother, grandmother, and great grandmother who lived through the Great Depression and survived to grow up and raise two sons, Ralph Edmond Watts, Jr. and Ronald Franklin Watts. She was always chatty, cheerful, and loved to play games, especially card games, but she was up for just about anything. She would share everything she had with her friends and neighbors. When she was short for cash she would still give away all that she could to anyone who needed it. She worked at the Waldron Flower Shop, then was a part time reporter for the Waldron newspaper, and became a dental assistant to Dr. Joe Luther for a number of years. Later she went to work for the Waldron Telephone company where her career continued until her retirement. Leora was preceded in death by her husband, Ralph (known as Uncle Ralph to the townspeople) Edmond Watts, Sr., and is survived by her two sons, Ralph Jr. and Ronald, grandchildren Kyra Bradley, Teala Watts, and Tylan Watts, and numerous great grandchildren. A loving mother, she will be missed deeply by those she touched in her long life.

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    Aunt Leora

    Was she my Aunt or not? I was a fairly big kid in Waldron before it dawned on me that she and Uncle Ralph were not actually "kin-folks". Maybe it was she was one of those aunt's that I could rely on to help me, care for me, and be there for me. She knew my voice on the phone and would connect me to mom or dad. Walking to and from the Methodist Church, there house was a safe place to stop. Ralph E. and Ronnie were like two more siblings. My fondest memory and my children's fondest memory is the piece of gum Aunt Leora had for us each and every Sunday. Wow, it was special. It was great that mom and dad acted like it was a big deal but could not stop it from happening. She loved my parents, our family, the community, her family and life. She will be missed but not forgotten.

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    Posted by Sharyan Watts

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    A Eulogy For a Wonderful Mother-in-Law

    It's hard to say goodbye to my Mother-in-Law, Leora, who I've known for 46 years. I've always known Leora to be a wonderful, smart, thoughtfully giving, and a funloving person. She's been like a second Mom to me in many ways. One of my many fond memories is of Leora and I making soap together. I'd never made soap before. She was quick to point out that soap turns out better, when it's made on the day of a full moon. Well, it was a full moon that day, and the soap turned out great. She always enjoyed her Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. Teala and Tylan have fond memories of her, when they were young, singing one of Leora's favorite songs, "Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue", while we were all traveling in the car. It wasn't long before they learned all the words to the song. I feel so very fortunate to have had Leora as my Mother-in-Law, so all my love and fond memories of her will be forever cherished.

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    An aunt, an admirer, a confidant, and my mom's best friend.

    Leora was a staple in my childhood, being married to my uncle and most especially, being my own mother's best friend. Her smile was constant, as was her willingness to hear what others needed and wanted to say, knowing they could count on her to care. Leora and Mother were like high school chums. They shared thoughts, ideas, dreams, and best-friend secrets. One of the few topics that would turn a conversation was the mention of her boys. They were what she lived for and the pride she felt with just the mention of their names sparked her entire face. She was a blessing to her friends and family. We miss you already. Mary


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