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Larry Rude

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Larry Rude

Place of birth: None

Religious affiliation: Protestant

Forever remembered in our hearts.

2 Responses


    Forever in my heart.1/7/2016

    Oh how i wish i could see your sweet face and hold you in a big hug. How could Lynn not have called someone for help? Both Lynn and Christian were right there, they had to have heard the van running just outside of her bedroom.. She could have called here, called 911, called your boss, but she CHOOSE to let you take your own life. In my mind that is murder!! I still don't believe you did not have HELP DOING THIS, pills or something. She knew you were leaving, I feel like she gave you something, just like she gave her daughter, that made her loose the ability to walk, loose muscle function, Just know she will get hers, cause God don't love ugly. I love you always.


    Missing you!!

    The heart break doesn't stop just because I smile. Late at night, when sleep leaves me, the tears fall like a flood. Oh Larry, There is so much you have missed, and so much that I miss from you!!!You've missed your son's graduation from high school,and joining the navy. He's so like you, loving, kind, helpful, thoughtful, and smart. I miss your voice, your beautiful smile, your laugh, and that playfulness you had. I miss seeing you in the floor with the kids building Lego sets. I miss you in the kitchen helping me cook for the holidays.It will soon be two years, but it seems like it just happened today. I love you with every beat of my heart, and I always will. Good-by my "baby boy Rude".


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