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John P. Hinerman

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John P. Hinerman

Place of birth: Colorado

Religious affiliation: Other

John Hinerman has passed away at the age of 62 in Omaha, NE. He has left behind his children: Lisa Hinerman, Joan Hinerman, Joshua Hinerman and Matthew Hinerman; his grandchildren: Paisley Hinchley, Alexandra Hinerman, Kyle LiCausi-Hinerman, T.J. Hinerman, Mia Michaelis and Jake Hinerman; and his great granddaughter: Schyuler Hinchley. John was the widow of his children’s mother, Peggy Hinerman(Carr) who proceeded him in death in 1999. He also left behind his fiancé, Jeanne Pulver. His surviving brothers and sisters are, Jim Hinerman, Julie Meador, Jerry Hinerman & Janet Hinerman. He joins his parents Everett Hinerman and Dorothy (Crow)Hinerman.

He worked in electronics for a majority of his his life at JVC Americas Corp (out of Aurora, IL) & was working for LG Electronics (In the greater Omaha area) upon his passing.

John graduated from Hutchinson High School, class of 1971, loved scuba diving, music, movies, Monty Python & Saturday Night Live as well as chatting with kids while he squatted down to chat on their level.

Please join us for a short memorial/celebration of his life on:
Tuesday, July 21 at 5PM-6PM

Evangel Church
5700 Bartels Rd.
Hanover Park, IL 60133

A memorial in Hutchinson, KS is Planned for Sunday, Sept. 6th from 1-4:30PM in the banquet room of the Kansas Cosmosphere. Please come & visit with us for a while.

7 Responses

  • Paul Cox On

    The Cool Big Brother ....

    I met John, in the early '80's. We became associates in Hutchinson when a local business man started 25th Street Stereo. We immediately hit it off. John was 10 years older than me but the age difference was invisible and he was like the big brother I never had. I remember the incredible laughter we shared. The antics where we were employed were such awesome memories for me and I know for John too. We had at our disposal some of the most cutting edge electronics, and of course JVC was a part of that cadre of offerings :) Since we had keys to the place, he knew I would venture in to "entertain clients" after hours. When he would come in to the store in the morning he would grin at how hard I had pushed the high end electronics and then would proceed to inspect for any damage...He understood turning it up to 11!. It was awesome to have the "boss" leave and "stress test" the gear in the store with him. We shared some spectacular conversations around friends, music and his chats about the loves of his life, his family. John was incredibly multi faceted, and I believe his customer service skills, "what you see is what you get" guy, and family love rubbed off on me. The hours we spent on trying to "one up" each other on Rock N Roll trivia are priceless memories to me. John used to tell me I was the youngest Hippy he ever met and that endearment was just the cool factor John had. John was a heckuva VERY cool guy and a guy I looked up to. My deepest sympathies to John's loved ones. I love you John, and THANK YOU for having been a part of my life...Can I say one more thing? "Dude, quit doing that with your finger, your freaking me out :)" Cya on the other my dear friend.

  • Georgia Gutekunst On

  • Georgia Gutekunst On

    A Smart Clever Man

    I knew John from Fifties Friends chat room on AOL. He had a lot of knowledge about a lot of subjects. Once, we were having a conversation about lobster (my favorite crustacean)), He told me they were related to spiders. You know, I NEVER ate lobster AGAIN! deepest condolences. He was one of the good guys!

  • Ruth Tidwell On


    John was a cousin of mine. His Mother was my Aunt, and angel after my Mother passed. He was always the "younger one" Jim would tease Julaine and me and we'd tease him. I'm sure they are having a wonderful reunion in heaven.. may his journey be blessed and may you all have peace

  • Jeanne Pulver On

    The Love of my Life is gone.....

    I met John in 2000. We dated long distance with some ups and downs for 12 yrs, but he asked me to marry him in 2008 and I put it off. He moved to Omaha to be with me and after a period of adjustment, we were doing well and he was the happiest I've seen him in a number of years. John was so full of life, humor, analogies and "Johnisms". I didn't know I should have been writing them all down. To say, after only living with him for 3 yrs that I feel lost, cheated, and totally heart-broken is an understatement. I will miss my big guy forever and I will constantly wish he was here making me laugh so hard that I'd have tears running down my face. To know I was this loved is a wonderful gift. He called me his sunshine, but he never realized that he really was mine, too. My love...... Jeanne Pulver, Omaha, NE, John's fiance'


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