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John “Jack” Rose

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John “Jack” Rose

Place of birth: Toronto, Ontario

Jack died peacefully while in hospice care in Kamloops. He is survived by his wife Bonnie, children Santanna (Liz) and Caelin (Brian), step-children Kathy, Ron and Debby, and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren. Jack lived a full 94 years, was married twice and had 3 children.  Little John, his first son, didn’t survive kidney disease and died at the age of 3. Married to Anne for 27 years, they lived primarily in Calgary while Jack worked in sales at Dowell, an oil drilling company that thrived in the oil boom of the 1970’s. Jack was a member of the RCAF and after retiring from the air force, flew small craft planes then later flew commercially for Air Canada. In the 1950’s, Jack and his Dad leased a property on Little Shuswap Lake and renovated the existing simple cottage which was to later become the summer destination for “The Five Roses” (Papa included).  In 1980, he married Bonnie Cleveland, and they set out building a retirement home beside the beloved cottage. During the 60 years at Shuswap Lake, Jack was a “fixture”where his sense of humour and hospitality have entertained friends and family members over the years. Jack’s love of his home at the Shuswap was demonstrated time and again; he would not leave his home despite fire, flood and high tax burden. Although Jack’s wish was to spend his final days in his home on Little Shuswap Lake, the practical nature of his care led him to the beautiful hospice in Kamloops where he died with Bonnie holding his hand.  The family extends a special thanks to the staff at the hospice for the loving care they provided Jack over the eight weeks he spent there.  In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in Jack’s memory to the Marjorie Willoughby Snowden Hospice in Kamloops (72 Whiteshield Cresc. Kamloops BC, V2E 2S9).

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  • Berns Galloway On

    Dear Bonnie, I am grateful for the many opportunities you and Jack provided for me to visit (with Caelin and company) at the lake. Our precious few days each summer (that I was able to make) were always delightful. For the past few visits, leaving the lake at the end of our visit was with an uncertainty of seeing jack again, as his health was declining. He was open to or willing, or just not interested in protesting against being hugged, and I was contacting him as if it wold be the last time. This summer was that time. I am grateful for knowing him, appreciating the hospitality, the humour, the definite ways he had in doing things (!), and for understanding more about the dynamic of father and son. Caelin (and Santana) have been a part of my life for a long time. Caelin introduced me to you and Jack probably around 1995. I am sending you loving thoughts during this time. May you be surrounded by loving family and friends. Berns


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