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Joel Ruiz Santiago

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Joel Ruiz Santiago

Place of birth: Mexico

Joel was always a gentle soul and willing to give his time and assistance to anyone who asked. He often joked about dying and though it is in poor taste now, it was just who Joel was. His cheerful banter and selfless heart impacted the many who knew him. He loved to cook and his specialty was grilling. Really, any time for a fire outside was a good enough excuse for Joel to grill and cook. He lived in California for a few years but also spent most of his life taking care of his younger brother and later moved in with his sister to help each other. His life should have been more about traveling and being off in France learning to make yummy desserts and complicated named foods, but he stayed in America to do what he felt right. 

Though he looked intimidating, in actuality, we all knew he was a giant bear. Even just by talking to Joel, there was a sense of comfort he brought forth. He taught people how to be calm, sincere, and always was a huge believer in doing what you felt was right.  He supported with a ferocity that his family will always cherish and wish the world had more time to experience.

While in Texas, Joel worked long hours and though he was more prone to allowing himself to be overworked, he always found time to enjoy the evenings with his nephews and siblings. He was a huge Arizona Cardinals fan, a metalhead who also enjoyed the melodic voices from Celtic Woman, he had a soft spot for animals, an addiction to new foods, and was absolutely a giant goofball. He was as wise as Dumbledore and as chaotic as Neville. Joel was the star of his own show but often let himself be relegated to the back. He loved so fiercely and was always in for a good laugh. There will never be words to describe what his loss means to his family, friends, and to those who were ever fortunate to know him and his kindness.

Funeral Notice Detail

Joel died on the 15 of February in 2021 by natural causes. He died in his sleep, and while the rest of Texas froze over, he was warm and left in the cold night. He is survived by an older sister, a brother-in-law, and his father that all adored and loved him wholeheartedly. He was not religious but he always admired how it would bring comfort to people.

A Memorial Service will be held at

Perches Funeral Homes - West

6111 S Desert Blvd

El Paso , TX 79911

On: Feb 26, 2021 — At: 5:00 PM

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