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Jimmy McIver

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Jimmy McIver

Place of birth: Texas

Jimmy’s own profile description on Twitter – “Texan born/raised. Believe in God, family, common sense. Father/Veteran. Life without love/humor/family/friends is like a song with no lyrics! Never lose Faith!”

Jimmy McIver has been one of my most delightful and supportive friends on Twitter. I will miss him greatly. He sent out romantic cowboy love songs and I was so honored to be among Jimmy’s girls to receive this daily treat. When I was facing major surgery and the potential of cancer, Jimmy was one of the most supportive. He told me of the dozens of cancer surgeries he had had and that I was going to be fine….I came through cancer free with his prayers.

This is a picture of Jimmy with Sherry @STXherry, another dear friend we lost to cancer on Twitter last year. Many of us take comfort today knowing these two Great Americans Patriots are dancing together to Cowboy music in Heaven.

Jimmy was so proud of his beautiful family and we pray for their comfort and peace today. That will mean the most to him.

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    Remembering a true Texas gentleman

    From the moment we ran across each other on Twitter, I felt as though I knew Jimmy, although I had not 'seen' him for a long time. He always reminded me of the true Texas gentlemen I knew growing up, mostly gone now. He was an absolute delight in his kind unassuming manner, and his obvious loyalty to family and country and God. I will miss him on Twitter, but he will always be in my heart, just around the corner somewhere. I wish the healing of the Holy Spirit for his family and close friends.


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