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Jerred Perry

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Jerred Perry

Place of birth: None

In loving memory of Jerred Kevin Clark Perry. A true and awesome Friend, Son, Grandson and Person. Jerred was known for his abrasive humor, course language and general funny demeanor. He was always capable of making one laugh in any circumstance, sometimes so much; he brought tears to your eyes. Jerred was one of the sincerest people I have ever, and will probably ever have the privileged honor of knowing again. Although having many flaws, he lived by a very simple principal, in which I will always admire. This principal was to live life to the fullest, regardless of the cost or sacrifice. He was not the most Religious man, if at all; but he believed in life. That all on its own is a moral, we should all aspire to appreciate with our every breath. I consider him to be my best friend, and so much more. He was a brother to me. I will admit that Jerred and I found ourselves in a load of trouble in our day, but if nothing else; we had the gumption to enjoy ourselves in the midst of it all. Jerred was also a ladies man, so I am sure at this very moment he is enjoying some quality time with some of heavens ladies, and for that I can appreciate his enthusiasm. Jerred will be missed daily upon his absence, and thought of for many years to come. Let us pray that he is in heaven, and that he will watch over us from above with complete admiration and amusement. Save a seat for me up there, and until we meet again brother, Cheers mate!

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