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Jeremy Rodriguez

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Jeremy Rodriguez

Place of birth: None

Religious affiliation: None/Unknown

Rodriguez, Joseph M. beloved husband of Jennifer; son of Joseph and Mary Rodriguez; Brother of Daniel and Jessica: Grandson Jesus and Carmen: Uncle to 4 nieces and nephews passed away January,18 2016. Joseph was a proud and honorable soldier and veteran of United States Marin Corp and recipient of the Medal of Valor. Joseph was also a volunteer with the wounded warrior project and took great pleasure in helping his fellow brothers live a normal life again. Joseph was also a very active participant in his local church and community.

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  • Jessica Rodriguez On

    Thank you for Saving me, i wish i could have saved you. Jeremy my brother in arms I want to thank you for saving my life when were overseas I only wish I could have gotten to you in time to repay the favor. I love you bro and miss you more than ever. Your brother David.


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