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Javier Montalvo

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Javier Montalvo

Place of birth: Chicago, Illinois

Religious affiliation: Catholic

Taken to soon

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  • Marie Gravesande On

    GOD created man and woman in Paradise. There, Adam and Eve lived in complete happiness. However, after they sinned and were put out of Paradise, conditions deteriorated rapidly. All mankind was affected, even people who believe in God. Consequently, death is one of many heartbreaking occurrences that distress all people. Nonetheless, your dear one who no doubt was loved and admired by many suffered this fact that brings untold grief to his family and friends. My sympathies to all of Javier Montalvo’s mourners. At Isaiah 25:8 the prophetic promise is made that God `will actually swallow up death forever.’ That is when all reuniting will take place. (Revelation 21:3,4) `a better place’


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