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James Wesley Hairfield

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James Wesley Hairfield

Place of birth: Richmond VA

Religious affiliation: Christian

James Wesley Hairfield Passed away on December 15th 2016 in Nashville Tennessee.  At 78 years old Mr. Hairfield was a Marine Corp Veteran of 20 years including a Viet Nam war Veteran. He was decorated with multiple Honors and Awards in his military career.  He was  a graduate of Memphis State university with a degree in engineering. He is survived by four adult children, Mark Hairfield, Wade Hairfield, Gary Hairfield and his only daughter Sherri Hairfield Guthrie.  He was survived by Grandchildren Katie Hairfield, Ilissa Garcia , Chris Hairfield, Kelli Hairfield, Edward  Hairfield and Adam Hairfield. There are great granchildren to date, Sadie Hairfield, Kyler Hairfield, Codie Hairfield, Chloe Hairfield, Roman Hairfield and Lincoln Hairfield. He will be best remembered as a family man who loved all of his children and grandchildren and great grandkids.  He was a wonderful role model and would do anything to help his family.He is greatly missed already.  With overwhelming love he deserved to be at peace. Rest in Peace.

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