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Isabel, Izzy Martins 3/10/2011

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Isabel, Izzy Martins 3/10/2011

Place of birth: San Diego,CA

My beautiful daughter. A virus attacked her heart and it got weak, so weak that shut all her organs down and she was not able to receive the gift of a Heart Transplant. For 6 yrs I was always hoping for a miracle and it didn't happen my way, but maybe 
God's plan is Isabel's way, her miracle, better for Isabel. No more suffering.

Isabel, the light of my eyes and the love that we all knew. She made our lives so much better. Isabel came to change our home for the better and now we are so lost without her. She was our family glue, yet we are all going on with the busy in our lives. Sadness, Broken hearts remain in us as we miss you/her every second of our lives. 

May the Lord have you in His care until we reunite someday. I will always keep your memory alive as long as I live. Miss you with every breath I take. 


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    Isabel's big heart will always fill our our heart with her love.

    We will always miss you Izzy and mom is on her way, just not yet.


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