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Howard Payne

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Howard Payne

Place of birth: Brooklyn, New York

Deeply missed, never forgotten and truly loved, Howie lived and breathed for his art. Innovative, original, he was always finding new ways to express his inner “Star” and shine it on others. What a joy to watch him dance and hear him sing! Irreplaceable, there will never be another. I am blessed to have countless memories of his love to cherish. He will forever remain etched in my heart and soul. I know he’s filling heaven with beautiful music and warming God’s heart with his bright eyes and charming smile.

My son will be forever remembered in our hearts.

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    Love with no ending.

    Today I share my deepest n most warmest sympathy for my aunt Niecy and all my family members who is mourning on this day. My cousin Howie was and still is my Star. I have so many beautiful memories I can't just think of one. I try to stay strong on days like this but for some reason 7 years still feel like yesterday. I still shed tears as I am now while I write in memory of my lovely cousin Howie but these are tears of joy. Joy of knowing he is safe and in safe hands. Joy of knowing I live a life with God in my heart and having something to always look forward to. That we will b reunited. I Love u my sweet love and you already know you are never forgotten. Your my Angel.

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    Our Beautiful Howie

    your eyes, smile, voice, song, your dance, your gregarious mysteriousness, your persona, your effortless ability to enrapture those who were fortunate enough to have known you, your outer beauty and inner brightness will forever remain brighter than any candles light yet we light in your memory because you were love and we will always love you!!! Silk - Sharon

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    A Beautiful Star

    Howie always song to me everytime I was sad and his smile made my day when he walk in the room. One day Howie came over our place in Harlem and he was practicing his dance he created, the dance when you slam your body down backwards and he went down and banged his head on the floor KEBA Howie and myself laugh so hard. Howie jokes friendship and his amazing voice is truly miss. Howie was a beautiful song writer and singer just wish the world had a chance to hear some of his songs. Happy Birthday Howie R.I.P love you

  • Denyse Payne On

    Mystery is & will always b the presence u have captivated many worlds with..Any1 who u have seen touched or sharedlife with wil be 4ever grateful n inspired by ur spirit. May Angels protect u 4 infinity. Love Terry

  • Cheyenne Joseph On


    I wish you were here, I miss you eternally. Love Mommy


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