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Starr D.

When people ask me how I’m doing after losing my big brother, Jordan, I cannot bring myself to say, “I’m fine,” so I just don’t. Instead, I usually say, “I’m hangin’ in there,” because that is truly the best I can do at this point. And it’s not easy. So, I decided to draw a little “grief mascot” because of all this, and I came up with “Hang-In-There Bear.” It reminds us that it’s OK to be hangin’ in there and be honest about how you’re doing. I tried to make him cute, so it’d be something that would cheer me up & encourage me a bit. Hopefully, others might feel the same, too.

My brother, Jordan, was the last member of my immediate family. We tried to look out for each other as best we could. Jordan was funny and kind. His death is such a loss for everyone who knew him. Jordan taught me a lot about appreciating cartoons, so it is also a tribute to my brother that I created “Hang-In-There Bear.” He is wearing a cap much like the kind Jordan wore and enjoyed. I hope this drawing will encourage you to keep hanging in there, too. I need that kind of encouragement a LOT, myself. How I wish Jordan was still here, and the rest of “my people,” too…especially my mom. This drawing is for all of us who need it.

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