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Paulette Glassman

This is my extraordinary Mom, Estelle Glassman, on her last Mother’s Day on earth.  She was 105 years old when this photo  was taken but she never lost the innocence or sparkle that captivated everyone who met her.  Mom truly loved life and though hers was not an easy one, she lived every moment of it to the fullest.  Neither of us had a great deal of money, but we used what we had to travel together to Venezuala and Portugal, and watching her dance  alone, a mesmerizing and carefree presence still stunning at 67,  on a sunlit terrace overlooking the beach in Albufiera remains one of my most cherished memories, though it still seems like yesterday to me.  Mom was the love of my life, and her passing in 2018 left a hole within me that nothing can fulfill.   I look forward to being reunited with her in Heaven and will embrace her in my heart every moment til then.

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