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Katrina Chester for Lia Starace

A gift made me for me by a student and a friend after my brother Timmy died iOct.1,2021. I can not BELIEVE what Lia can create but she pours her own experience of grief from loosing her husband who died young and suddenly leaving her and their baby son. In this painting is my hand holding my brothers right after he passed- and Lia took pieces of stained glass which are to me symbolic of the pain in that moment, and told that story around her painting and even bleeding appropriately into the image. She then framed this and sent it to me as a memorial honoring me and my bro and that entire experience. I believe that anyone who lost someone they love would be mesmerized, as I am, to have an image profound for them, so incredibly felt by just looking at it. It proves there is pain and beauty simultaneously existing in even what breaks our heart. I’m trying to convince Lia to offer her services so others can commission pieces meaningful for them to remember their loved one. I am hoping by my posting this some cool comments may convince her 💔 She is an incredible person, mom, editor, and a peaceful dedicated student of self study.  She is also a person who has NO idea how great her gift is. Thank you everyone. 

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