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“About a month ago, a friend of mine committed suicide. When I found out, I was in complete shock. He just got married! He has two kids, one being his little girl less than 6 months old! He has an incredible family! I’ve known him for years, and I would never ever have thought he’d do this. He never once showed any sign of depression or suicidal behavior. No one knew about or understood his demons. I mostly just felt sad and frustrated.

I have a shirt with his photo on it hanging in my room. The shirts were made and sold to give all the proceeds to his wife and kids. I see his face everyday. I have to believe that he didn’t mean to, that if he had the chance to go back, he wouldn’t have done it. It may be cliche, but at every opportunity, I tell those I love that I love them. It goes a long way. It’s just that little piece of grace that we can bless each other with. It could be that little pick-me-up someone may need after a day from hell.”


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