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“About 7 years ago, my first dog, Remington, started having seizures, and we took him to the vet. They were thinking it might be a brain tumor. I didn’t want to do anything invasive to him, so they gave him phenobarbital. Once we got the dosage right, he didn’t have any more for about a year. But then he had a major seizure, and this time he couldn’t [function]. So we had to make that decision to put him down.

We loved him so much, and we felt like: did we make the right decision or not? And we second guessed ourselves. We literally would come home from work and just cry and drink. We didn’t do anything. We didn’t see anybody. Finally, we just said: we’ve got to move on. We can’t do this any longer. We waited two or three months, and then we started looking at pictures of [dogs online]. And then this whole thing happened with Hank. Turned out he was like the perfect dog. But we still miss Remington.”


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