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Dale Joyce

Stephen C. Joyce.  Just two weeks after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, I showed up with an armload of cameras and lights and told him to comb his hair, he was going to sit this morning.  He wasn’t thrilled but he played along well with it, as usual for him.  We went around to the various things that were important to him, cars, woodworking, etc.  Then I just stood him in the driveway and got him to talk.  Couldn’t find a shot I liked, so I grabbed a nearby chair and as typical, he swung it around backwards and sat down and gave me some attitude.  I got him talking and laughing again as I set up my Wista 4×5 field camera, then I just started knocking out shots as I told him jokes and made him tell me jokes.  By the end, he had had pretty good time and was tickled we did it.  This particular shot always gets the same initial reaction when I show it someone who knows him…”That is so Stephen.  That is exactly him!”He died just 3 months and a few days later.I’ll always be thrilled that I made him do this.  We had a blast and now he sits in all our living rooms with us…leaning on a backwards chair, in the corner…right where you knew to find him.

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